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Neighbours Country Depot, located in Alliston since 2006, supplies everything you need for your farm, gardens, livestock, horses and pets needs.

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5 days ago

Neighbours Country Depot

Poor Quality? No Worries 🌾

➜ Complete feeds that are high in good-quality fibre are also recommended when hay is either scarce or of poor quality and digestibility, especially for the working horse or the horse whose body condition is difficult to maintain.

➜ In addition to their high percentage of highly digestible fibre, complete feeds of this type have the advantage of providing many other nutrients that are essential to the horse, notably adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals.

➜ Also, the calorie content of these products being higher than that of the other fibre sources enumerated above, these feeds can at once replace part of the hay, while providing the horse with the energy needed to maintain body condition, whether the horse is in training or not.

➜ There are different fibre-based feeds on the market, some of them are formulated for the specific needs of the performance horse and others specifically formulated for the needs of the growing horse or the senior horse.

➜ At Purina, the high-fibre complete feeds are SuperFibra Intégri-T (must be served wet at all times), Simplici-T Fibra, SuperFibra Plus, SuperFibra Classic, Evolution Maternity, Evolution Juvenile, Evolution Sport Elite, Evolution Senior and Equilibrium Trimax.

Discover our feeds here: equipurina.ca/en/products/

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Bird Food & Feeders

People have been fascinated by birds for generations; there is something about them that simply captivates our attention. Neighbours Country Depot is happy to help you and your family keep your feathered friends coming back year after year. We have everything from bird feeders and houses, to a wide variety of bird seeds and everything else in between!

Bird Seed

Black Oil Sunflower Seed Heritage Acres - Black Creek Premium Heritage Acres - Cardinal Command Heritage Acres - Gardeners Gourmet
 Black Oil Sunflower Seed
25LB, 50LB
 Heritage Acres –
Black Creek Premium
6.8KG, 15.9KG
 Heritage Acres –
Cardinal Command
Heritage Acres –
Gardeners Gourmet
Heritage Acres - Safflower Heritage Acres - Wild Finch Festival Flying Friends - Song Birds Favourite Flying Friends - Beakers Blend
 Heritage Acres –
Heritage Acres –
Wild Finch Festival
 Flying Friends –
Song Birds Favourite
 Flying Friends –
Beakers Blend
Flying Friends - Wild Finch Wonder All Seasons Wild Bird Food Nyjer Premium Wild Bird Seed
 Flying Friends –
Wild Finch Wonder
 All Seasons –
Wild Bird Food
25LB, 50LB
 Premium Wild Bird Seed
8KG, 18KG, 40KG
Armstron Royal Jubilee - Jays Blend Armstrong Royal Jubilee - Brilliance Armstrong Royal Jubilee - Persistence
 Armstrong Royal Jubilee –
Jays Blend
 Armstrong Royal Jubilee –
 Armstrong Royal Jubilee –

We also have seed available in bulk! If you are looking for suet or a bird feeder, we also carry a variety of these. Please call or email us if you have any questions regarding a specific brand you would like to purchase/order. Did you know Neighbours Country Depot also has a Bird Feeding Club? Passing on the traditions of the Alliston Feed Service Mill Market, Neighbours Country Depot offers exclusive member discounts and a closed community with plenty of other local bird seeking enthusiasts. Join the discussion on Facebook and get your card today in store at no additional charge!