Bird Food & Feeders

People have been fascinated by birds for generations; there is something about them that simply captivates our attention. Neighbours Country Depot is happy to help you and your family keep your feathered friends coming back year after year. We have everything from bird feeders and houses, to a wide variety of bird seeds and everything else in between!

Bird Seed

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds - Bird Feed – CountrySense
 Black Oil Sunflower Seed
25LB, 40LB
 Sheehan Premium White Tag Bird Seed 18KG Sheehan All Season Red Tag 18KG Sheehan Premium No Corn Mix (Green) 18KG
   Safflower Seed – West Coast Tropical Topcrop Bird Seed -- Wild Finch, No Nyjer | Little Bit Western | Little Bit  Western               Peanuts in Shell – Wild Bird Store Online    Peanuts Out of Shell - Wild Bird Food – CountrySense
Safflower 40LB Wild Finch No Nyjer 18.1KG  Peanuts In The Shell 50LB  Peanut Pick Outs 50LB
 Hulled Whole Sunflower Hearts – Backyard Bird Centre White Millet - 10lb   Seasons Woodland™      SquirrelFree Squirrel Free™ Blend non-gmo
 Sunflower Chips Course 50LB Millet 22.6KG Mill Creek Season Woodland 10/20LB Mill Creek Squirrel Free Blend 10/20LB
     Garden Friendly™     Cardinal Blend non-gmo bird seed      wild finch non gmo wild bird seed     NyChip small
Mill Creek Garden Friendly 10/20LB Mill Creek Cardinal Blend 10/20LB Mill Creek Wild Finch Blend 10/20LB Mill Creek NyChip Blend 5/10/20LB

We also have seed available in bulk! If you are looking for suet or a bird feeder, we also carry a variety of these. Please call or email us if you have any questions regarding a specific brand you would like to purchase/order.

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