Horse Health

Our horse health supplies include a wide variety of products to help you keep your horses in perfect condition, and to also care for them if and when they’ve been injured. We carry a wide variety of horse health supplements from some of the top suppliers in the equine industry; Herbs for Horses, Omega Alpha, Basic and more. When injuries occur, come to Neighbours Country Depot to find everything you’ll need to nurse your equine friend back to health: vet wrap, gauze, poultice pads, iodine solutions and more.

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Zena-minZena-min Horse-Plus MSMMSM STRICKLY EQUINE UNI FLEX GLUCOSAMINE HCL 1KG – Bridle Path Tack ShopPure Glucosamine
Smart Earth Camelina Oil - 3.78LCamenlina Oil Farrier's Formula Double Strength 5 Kg – Greenhawk Equestrian Sport  Farriers Formula Hoffman's Horse Mineral (25kg)Hoffmans Minerals 20kg Golden Horseshoe Di-Calcium Phosphate 1.8 Kg – Greenhawk Equestrian SportDi-Calcium Phosphate
Purica Recovery EQ Pain Relief 1kg - North Forty Feed & Farm SupplyPurica Recovery EQ Purica Recovery EQ Extra Strength -1kgPurica Recovery EQ Extra Strength Purica MSM -1kgPurica Vegan MSM Equine HA 300Purica H.A 300
Body Builder 4000 for Horses | PBS Animal HealthBody Builder 4000 25/44Lb DMG 28,000 (Peak Performance Nutrients) - Equine Nutrition Analysis | Feed  BankDMG Peak Performance Equine Choice Pre/Probiotic | | Equestrian and  Outdoor SuperstoreEquine Choice Probiotic 1.7/4.2Kg Equine Choice Pre & Probiotic Paste - Lonestar Tack and Feed Equine Choice Probiotic Paste
BMZ 3/10Kg Integricare - Tri-Acta H.A. Maximum Strength Equine Formula, All-Natural  Horse Joint Supplement, with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Hyaluronic Acid, and  Msm for Horses, 1kg : Pet SuppliesTri Acta Extra Strength 1/3kg TRI-ACTA for Equine– IntegricareTri Acta 1/3Kg ZEV Conditioner - Lonestar Tack and FeedZev 2/4L

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Omega Alpha

Respi-Free – Omega Alpha Store Canada Omega Alpha Herba Coff Omega Alpha Anti Flam Omega Alpha Healthy Horse™ – Natural Health Garden
 Respi-Free 1L/4L Herba Coff  AntiFlam 1L/4L Healthy Horse
Omega Alpha Biotic 8 Omega Alpha Miner EQ Omega Alpha Chill Omega Alpha Airwaves
 Biotic 8 500g/1kg MinerEQ 500g/1kg  Chill  Airwaves 1L/4L
Omega Alpha Adren-FX Omega Alpha Gastra-FX Omega Alpha Chill Ultra, Nutritional Supplements & Remedies - Amazon Canada Immune Plus – Omega Alpha Store Canada
 Adren-FX  Gastra-FX 1L/4L  Chill Ultra Immune Plus 1L/4L

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Herbs For Horses

Mobility Plus- Pellet Herbs for Horses -Breathe Herbs for Horses Feisty Mare Liquid - 1 L - Bahr Saddlery Selenium (Organic source) (Herbs for Horses) - Equine Nutrition Analysis |  Feed Bank
 Mobility Plus  Breathe – With or Without Garlic Feisty Mare  Selenium
Herbs for Horses SimmIRdown - Bahr Saddlery Herbs for Horses - All in One Cut Leaf 4.54 kg - System Equine Herbs for Horses Glucosamine Plus - Bahr Saddlery Herbs For Horses Biotin 220 Granular
 SimmIRDown All In One Glucosamine Plus Biotin 220

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Mad Barn

Visceral+ Equine Supplement - Natural Ulcer Formula | Mad Barn Canada Optimum Digestive Health for Horses – Probiotic & Prebiotic | Mad Barn  Canada Mad Barn Magnesium Oxide 5 Kg – Greenhawk Equestrian Sport MSM Powder for Horses - Equine Supplement | Mad Barn Canada
 Visceral 2.5/5/20Kg  Optimum 5Kg Magnesium Oxide 1/5Kg MSM 1Kg
3:1 Zinc Copper - Equine Supplement | Mad Barn Canada Omneity Premix - Mineral & Vitamin for Horses | Mad Barn Canada MagneChrome – Mad Barn Canada Mad Barn Mad Barn AT+ - The Rusty Spur | Farm, Feed & Pet
 Zinc Copper 1Kg  Omneity 5Kg  Magnechrome 5Kg  AT+ 5Kg
Mad Barn Three Amigos 5 Kg – Greenhawk Equestrian Sport Mad Barn Optimum Probiotic 60 g – Greenhawk Equestrian Sport Chasteberry Powder for Horses - Equine Supplement | Mad Barn Canada w-3 Oil – Equine Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplement | Mad Barn Canada
 Three Amigos 1/5Kg Optimum Probiotic 60/500g Chasteberry Powder 1Kg W-3 Oil 5L

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Safeguard Suspension 10% – 500ML (Ambient) – Pharmbarn Animal Health  Warehouse Quest Plus Quest Gel Panomec
Safe-Guard  Quest Plus Quest Gel Panomec
Safe-Guard Strongid P AVL Ivermectin Liquid For Horses 15mL | | Sharpe Farm Supplies Ltd. Powermectin (Ivermectin) Dewormer - 6.42g – Picov's Tack Shop
 Safe-Guard  Strongid-P  AVL Ivermectin  Powermectin
Eqvalan Gold AVL Ivermectin Wormer - 120mL Bottle
 Eqvalan Gold AVL Ivermectin

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Horse Care

Absorbine Power Gel Absorbine Antiseptic Fungicide Scarlet Oil pump spray 250 ml Aluspray
 Absorbine Power Gel Absorbine Antiseptic Fungicide 475ml/950ml/3.8L Scarlet Oil Aluspray
Excalibur Betadine Solution Iodine Spray M-T-G
 Excalibur  Betadine Solution  Iodine Spray M-T-G
Hibitane Green Cool Kopper Kare 475 mL – Greenhawk Equestrian Sport Betadine Surgical Scrub
 INHIBIT 150/50g Green Cool Kopper Care 475ml  Betadine Surgical Scrub
Red-Kote from KANE VETERINARY SUPPLIES | BMR Fiske's Horse to Hound Skin & Wound Salve 57 g – Greenhawk Equestrian Sport Derma Gel Tube – Horse & Hound Tack Shop Derma Gel Spray -50ml
Red-Kote 128g  Fiskes Skin&Wound Salve Derma Gel 100ml  Derma Gel Spray
MSM Gel Prepodyne General 1 L – Greenhawk Equestrian Sport Hoof Doctor - 16 oz | Vision Saddlery Hoof Doctor Putty 12 Oz – Greenhawk Equestrian Sport
MSM Gel 8/32oz  Prepodyne HS Hoof Doctor Hoof Doctor Putty
Cornucrescine Moisturizer Fiebings Hoof Lotion Pine Tar – Tack In The Box Turpentine
Cornucrescine Moisturizer  Fiebings Hoof Lotion  Pine Tar Hawthorne Turpentine
Cornucrescine Ointment Golden Horseshoes Hoof Hearted Liquid Hoof Conditioner - Bahr Saddlery Hoof product Archives — Thunder Bay Feeds Absorbine Hoof Flex Natural Dressing x 444 mL | Cuidado del Casco | Los  Pingos
Cornuscrescine Ointment Hoof Hearted Fiskes Hoof&Hide Balm Absorbine Hooflex
Bandages Animalintex Veterinary Gamgee Syringes
Bandages Animalintex Veterinary Gamgee Syringes
Confrom Stretch Gauze Gauze Pads Vet Wrap
Conform Stretch Gauze Gauze Pads Vet Wrap

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