Propane & Salts


If you find yourself in need of a propane fill, look no further! Neighbours Country Depot fills tanks of all sizes; from 5LBs to 100LBS, excluding tanks attached to motor vehicles.

We also sell new and requalified propane tanks in sizes 20Lb, 30Lb, and 100Lb.

20lb Propane Tank 30lb Propane Tank 100lb Propance Tank
 20 lb. Propane Tank  30 lb. Propane Tank 100 lb. Propane Tank


At Neighbours Country Depot, we know the water in your homes and pools is important, and making sure that you have the products necessary to keep it clean is important to us! Here, we offer a full range of salts for your homes, pools and even livestock.

     Windsor® Clean and Protect™ - Windsor Salt    Windsor 18.1kg Water Softener Salt + Rust Remover | Home Hardware Solar Salt | Pestell Nutrition Ice Patrol - Ice Melter Distributor | Salt Supplier | KISSNER
Windsor System Saver 18.0KG Windsor Clean & Protect (No Rust) 18.1KG  Solar Salt 20KG Ice Patrol Salt
Safety Salt Loose Blue Salt Bag (Cobalt) - North Forty Feed & Farm Supply Saltec Reg Trace Mineral Loose Salt 25 Lbs. Purple - The Horse Barn Windsor Pool Salt
Windsor Safety Salt 10/20KG Windsor Livestock Salt
Cobalt Stock Salt
Sifto Livestock Salt
Trace Mineral Stock Salt
Windsor Pool Salt
Livestock Selenium Salt Block Livestock Hi-Boot Salt Block
Livestock Salt Block
 Livestock Salt Blocks
Trace Mineral Hi-Boot
Livestock Cobalt Salt Blocks & Licks  Livestock Mineral Salt Blocks & Licks
 Livestock Salt Blocks & Licks
2KG, 20KG
 Livestock Salt Blocks & Licks
Trace Mineral
2KG, 20KG