Pet Supplies

At Neighbours Country Depot, we know that your pets are much more than just animals to you; they’re members of the family! As proud pet owners ourselves, we are happy to offer you a full range of products needed to keep your four legged members as healthy and as happy as can be.

Dog Food

Loyall Signature Dog Puppy | Dog | Dry Food | Loyall | Made In Canada

Loyal Puppy

8 & 15kg

Loyal Maintenance

8 & 15kg

Loyal Athlete

8 & 15kg

Loyal Senior

8 & 15kg

Loyall Professional 


Loyall Large Breed 


Loyall Salmon


Open Farm Fish Open Farm Turkey Open Farm Pork Open Farm Lamb
Open Farm Salmon
PULSAR DOG GF TURKEY 9lbs - Live Right Pet Supplies

Pulsar Turkey

HORIZON PET NUTRITION Pulsar Grain Free, Non GMO, Meat Dense All Life Stage  Dry Dog Food : Pet Supplies

Pulsar Lamb

Horizon Pulsar Chicken Grain Free Dog Food

Pulsar Chicken

HORIZON PET NUTRITION Pulsar Grain Free, Non GMO, Meat Dense All Life Stage  Dry Dog Food, 25 lb : Pet Supplies

Pulsar Pork

Horizon Pulsar Fish Grain Free Dog Food | Buy at

Pulsar Fish

Fromm Chicken a la Veg Fromm Duck a la Veg Fromm Whitefish And Potato Fromm Grain Free Game Bird
Fromm Grain Free Beef Frittata Veg Fromm Grain Free Lamb and Lintels Fromm Puppy Gold
Taiga Chicken Taiga Pork
 Blue Wilderness Dog Food - Adult Chicken  Blue Wilderness Dog Food - Adult Duck  Blue Wilderness Dog Food - Healthy Weight  Blue Wilderness Dog Food - Adult Salmon
 Blue Wilderness
Adult – Chicken
 Blue Wilderness
Adult – Duck
 Blue Wilderness
Healthy Weight
 Blue Wilderness
Adult – Salmon
 Blue Wilderness Dog Food - Small Breed
 Blue Wilderness
Small Breed

Cat Food

Loyall Cat Food proplan-cat-savor-adult
 Loyall Kitten & Cat Food  ProPlan Kitten  ProPlan Indoor Cat  ProPlan Savor
proplan-cat-focus-adult Cat Chow
ProPlan Hairball Management Cat Chow

Rabbit Food

Purina Complete Care Rabbit Pellet | Sharpe Farm Supplies Ltd. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is rabbit-chw.jpg
Purina Complete Rabbit Pellet (25kg) Purina Rabbit Nutrition Pellet

Cat Litter

Pet Excellence Clumping Cat Litter | Little Bit Western | Little Bit Western World's Best Cat Litter TidyCat tidy-cat-dual
 Pet Excellence  World’s Best Tidy Cats Instant Action Tidy Cats Dual Power
 Pet Treats  & Toys  Pet Supplies & Accessories
  • Rawhide Bones
  • Pig Ears
  • Cow Hooves
  • Milkbones
  • Grain-free Biscuits & Cat Treats
  • Busy Chewnola
  • Rabbit Treats
  • Big Selection of Toys
  • Flea & Tick Control
  • Flea & Tick Collars
  • Worm Away
  • Flea & Tick Sprays & Shampoos
  • Bathing Shampoos & Cologne Sprays
  • Skin & Coat Care
  • Food/Water Dishes
  • Cat Litter Boxes & Scoops
  • Beds & Pillows
  • Leashes & Collars
  • Nail Clippers
  • Brushes
  • Dog Coats
  • Dog & Cat Tags
  • Rabbit Water Bottles
  • Rabbit Hutches