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Neighbours Country Depot, located in Alliston since 2006, supplies everything you need for your farm, gardens, livestock, horses and pets needs.

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5 days ago

Neighbours Country Depot


➜ Sugar is bad news, but we often forget the role of starch and how it can influence excitability in the horse.

Each company uses a different calculation method to calculate the sugar and starch (NSC). Some companies only provide sugar levels without taking into account starch.

➜ The sugar and starch content (which is not to be neglected) is cleverly calculated for each of our feeds. We therefore have a guaranteed range for many of our products, including a selection of products specifically designed to limit NSC intake.

Integri-T is a North American leader with a guaranteed maximum NSC rate of 10%, the lowest on the market.

➜ We use molasses mainly to give good taste and its inclusion is minimal most of the time except for the feeds meant for the racing market such as our Veloci-T line.

The sugar level, for most of our products is often below the sugar intake of a pasture or even hay.

➜ The sticky and messy appearance of certain textures such as Trimax or Elite is due to the application of a coating of oil and molasses on the outside of the product.

The amount of sugar and starch in these products is controlled to minimize the problems of excitability and tying-up.

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Tack & Apparel

Neighbours Country Depot offers a full range of products for your livestock, pets, gardens and more. However, for over 25 years, Neighbours primary focus has been the Equine market. Our goal is to assit you in keeping your horses and ponies happy, healthy and looking good!

Here, you will find everything from horse feed to equine health products; tack for all disciplines; blankets and rainsheet; as well as riding gear for yourself! Our full range of products, by the leading suppliers in the equine industry, offer you everything you need to keep your horses and ponies in top health.

For information on our Horse Feeds, please click here.

Horse Tack & Apparel

Neighbours Country Depot offer’s a wide variety of saddlery products to suit your needs, regardless of which discipline you pursue. You will find anything from English and Western tack; horse clothing and rider apparel; to grooming products and horse related gifts.

English and Western Horse Tack English & Western Tack

  • Bridles, Bits & Reins
  • Martingales & Breast Plates/Collars
  • Girths, Cinches
  • Stirrup Irons & Leathers
  • Saddle Pads, Bareback Pads & Sheepskin Pads
  • Plus a full range of English, Western & Dressage saddles.


Horse Blankets, Halters, etc. Horse Clothing

  • Winter Blankets, Rain Sheets & Coolers
  • Halters of all sizes
  • Fly Masks & Bonnets
  • Horse Boots & Polo Wraps



Horse Rider ApparelRider Apparel

  • Breeches & Chaps
  • Show Jackets & Shirts
  • Paddock Boots, Tall Boots & Barn Boots
  • Helmets & Helmet Covers
  • Riding Gloves & Boot Socks
  • Casual Clothes & Baseball Caps


Horse Brushes, Clippers, Totes, Bandages, Boots, etc.Grooming Supplies

  • Clippers & Scissors
  • Brushes, Curries & Combs
  • Shampoo & Conditioners
  • Detangleers
  • Totes
  • Braiding Elastics & Wire



Equift Gift ItemsGift Items

  • Books
  • Breyers & Schleich Figurines
  • Stationary
  • Jewellery
  • Artwork & Hanging Photographs
  • Door Mats, Welcome Signs & Hanging Decorations