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Neighbours Country Depot, located in Alliston since 2006, supplies everything you need for your farm, gardens, livestock, horses and pets needs.

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Neighbours Country Depot


‚ěú Sugar is bad news, but we often forget the role of starch and how it can influence excitability in the horse.

Each company uses a different calculation method to calculate the sugar and starch (NSC). Some companies only provide sugar levels without taking into account starch.

‚ěú The sugar and starch content (which is not to be neglected) is cleverly calculated for each of our feeds. We therefore have a guaranteed range for many of our products, including a selection of products specifically designed to limit NSC intake.

Integri-T is a North American leader with a guaranteed maximum NSC rate of 10%, the lowest on the market.

‚ěú We use molasses mainly to give good taste and its inclusion is minimal most of the time except for the feeds meant for the racing market such as our Veloci-T line.

The sugar level, for most of our products is often below the sugar intake of a pasture or even hay.

‚ěú The sticky and messy appearance of certain textures such as Trimax or Elite is due to the application of a coating of oil and molasses on the outside of the product.

The amount of sugar and starch in these products is controlled to minimize the problems of excitability and tying-up.

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Horse Health

Our horse health supplies include a wide variety of products to help you keep your horses in perfect condition, and to also care for them if and when they’ve been injured. We carry a wide variety of horse health supplements from some of the top suppliers in the equine industry; Herbs for Horses, Omega Alpha, Basic and more. When injuries occur, come to Neighbours Country Depot to find everything you’ll need to nurse your equine friend back to health: vet wrap, gauze, poultice pads, iodine solutions and more.

SupplementsSelect The BestOmega AlphaFinish LineBasic Herbs for HorsesWormersHorse Care


Zena-min Horse Plus MSM Pure Glucosamine
 Zena-min   Horse-Plus  MSM Pure Glucosamine
Recovery EQ Recovery EQ Extra Strength BMZ Pur-a-yeast
 Recovery EQ  Recovery EQ Extra Strength  BMZ  Pur-a-Yeast

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Select The Best

Select the Best Wheat Germ Oil Select the Best HylaRx Select the Best Nu Image Select the Best Dark Horse
 Wheat Germ Oil  HylaRx Nu-Image  Dark Horse

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Omega Alpha

Omega Alpha PreMare Omega Alpha Herba Coff Omega Alpha Anti Flam Omega Alpha Liver Flush
 PreMare Herba Coff  AntiFlam  Liver Flush
Omega Alpha Biotic 8 Omega Alpha Miner EQ Omega Alpha Chill Omega Alpha Airwaves
 Biotic 8 MinerEQ  Chill  Airwaves
Omega Alpha Adren-FX Omega Alpha Gastra-FX Omega Alpha Para-X
 Adren-FX  Gastra-FX  Para-FX

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Finish Line

Finish Line Vitamin E & Selenium Finish Line Fluid Action HA Finish Line U-7 Finish Line Thia-Cal
 Vitamin E & Selenium  Fluid Action HA  U-7  Thia-Cal
Finish Line Apple-Eh!

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Basic Yea-Sacc Basic Psyllium Husks Basic Hyaluronic Acid Basic Thiamine
 Yea-Sacc  Psyllium Husks Hyaluraonic Acid  Thiamine
Basic Chaste Tree Berries Basic White Willow Bark Basic Devils Claw Basic Grape Seed Extract
¬†Chaste Tree Berries ¬†White Willow Bark ¬†Devil’s Claw ¬†Grape Seed Extract
Basic Pre-Biotic Plus Basic Ulcerex Basic Di-calcium Phosphate
 Pre-Biotic Plus  Ulcerex  Di-Calcium Phosphate

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Herbs for Horses

Herbs for Horses Sel-E-nium Herbs for Horses Glucosamine Herbs for Horses Magmore Herbs for Horses Mobility
 Sel-E-nium  Glucosamine  Magmore Mobility
Herbs for Horses hyalcare Herbs for Horses Simmerdown Herbs for Horses Serenity Herbs for Horses Lesstress
 HYALcare  SIMMERdown  Serenity  LESStress
Herbs for Horses Feisty Mare Herbs for Horses Breathe Herbs for Horses Cushing's Care Herbs for Horses Flax Oil
¬†Feisty Mare ¬†Breathe Cushing’s Care ¬†Flax Oil
Herbs for Horses Liquivit Herbs for Horses UTP Herbs for Horses Garlic Herbs for Horses BGA
 LIQUIvit  UTP Garlic  BGA
Herbs for Horses BTBY

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Quest Gel Quest Plus EquiMax Bimectin
 Quest Gel  Quest Plus  EquiMax  Bimectin
Safe-Guard Strongid P Panomec Exodus
 Safe-Guard  Strongid-P  Panomec  Exodus
Eqvalan Gold
 Eqvalan Gold

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Horse Care

Absorbine Power Gel Absorbine Antiseptic Fungicide Wonder Dust Blu-Kote
 Absorbine Power Gel Absorbine Antiseptic Fungicide  Wonder Dust  Blu-Kote
Excalibur Vetericyn Scarlet Oil Cut Heal Multicare Powder
 Excalibur  Vetericyn Scarlet Oil  Cut Heal Multicare Powder
Cut Heal Multicare Spray Aluspray Betadine Solution Betadine Surgical Scrub
 Cut Heal Multicare Aerosol Aluspray  Betadine Solution  Betadine Surgical Scrub
Iodine Spray M-T-G Hibitane Sore No More
 Iodine Spray  M-T-G Hibitane  Sore No More
3 in 1 Green Cool Ichthammol MSM Gel
 3 in 1  Green Cool  Ichthammol  MSM Gel
Glycerine Furazone Blue Lotion Nannosil
 Glycerine  Furazone  Blue Lotion  Nannosil
Cornucrescine Ointment Cornucrescine Moisturizer Horseshoer's Secret Hoof Conditioner Horseshoer's Secret Hoof Sealant
Cornuscrescine Ointment Cornucrescine Moisturizer ¬†Horeshoer’s Secret Hoof Conditioner ¬†Horseshoer’s Secret Hoof Sealant
Pine Tar Turpentine Hoof Freeze Tuff Stuff
 Pine Tar  Purpentine  Hoof Freeze  Tuff Stuff
Fiebings Hoof Lotion Thrush Buster Thrush Off Easy Boot Soaker
 Fiebings Hoof Lotion  Thrush Buster  Thrush Off  Easy Soaker Boots
Animalintex Cool Cast Sole Pack Bandages
 Animalintex Cool Cast Sole Pack Bandages
Syringes Confrom Stretch Gauze Gauze Pads Veterinary Gamgee
Syringes Conform Stretch Gauze  Gauze Pads Veterinary Gamgee
Vet Wrap
 Vet Wrap

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